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Drone 500mm FPV multi-rotor aircraftDrone 500

It is designed as a flight driven video shooting tool which is strong and light, Its frame is made of carbon fiber. The design incorporates the need for the easy installation for Gimbal, GPS and flight control board.
The diameter of the carbon fiber pipe is 30mm, allowing for two 20A(ESC) to be hidden inside. This provides for more space in the frame for placing other FPV equipment. For storage reasons, we abandoned the folding method instead we chose to use screws to screw individual parts together. Making installation extremely simple only requiring the use of a screwdriver. The reason for doing so is due to the folding method can cause wear and tear on the joints leading to affected maneuverability, we wanted to avoid this from happening.
The material that is used to produce the motor sitting is an impact-resistant material; its diameter is 37mm, This space is compatible for installing most of the motors that are available on the market; you can also install an LED light onto the motor sitting.
The tripod is made from a carbon fiber pipe which is 20mm is diameter, the external parts made of impact-resistant material. This is the combination allows for easy and convenient interchange of parts, including LED lighting.
The glass fiber canopy makes the appearance of the aircraft intuitive to the user, easily distinguishing the direction of the aircraft while flying. The canopy is sprayed with PU paint.
Every part of the aircraft can be replaced independently allowing for single parts to be replaced rather than the whole aircraft to be discarded. All individual parts are available to be easily purchased on our website.

  • Full Carbon fiber Fuselage
  • Approx.500mm motor to motor
  • Material-Fully painted fiberglass canopy
  • Flying Weight-1100~1300g(Battery excluded)
  • Model net weight-580~630g

Not included

  • 5~7 Ch Radio Control x1
  • Speed Controller(ESC) 20~25A x 4
  • Motor mounts for 28~35 Size motors x4
  • Battery 4s 4000~5000mah x 1
  • Propeller (2 Blade 8~9 x 4.5) x 4
  • Flight Control x 1
  • LED light strip